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Reviews & Testimonials

Over 20,000 Lives Improved Since 2002 With The Advanced Hearing Center

With over 20,000 patients helped since 2002, we have received numerous reviews and testimonials praising our friendly atmosphere, compassionate doctors, and state-of-the-art hearing rehabilitation. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences at our Manhattan and Queens, NY, hearing centers.

Patient Reviews

After my ENT Doctor relocated to another city, I searched for Dr. Hoffmann. I had such a great experience with her for my first hearing test, I did not want another audiologist. I saw her yesterday and was even more impressed. She is vastly knowledgeable in her field, extremely professional, and very kind. I took my best friend who has had a good amount of hearing loss over the years and he left with hearing aids and is a changed person. I highly recommend Advanced Hearing Center and Dr. Hoffmann. Everyone I met on staff was ultra professional with a relaxed, personal touch and extremely knowledgeable. I am very happy to know that I have them behind me! Can't say enough good things about them!

— Candace S.

I was aware of their awesome service but was pleasantly surprised how much further they went with the covid 19. I needed my hearing aid repaired and called them. I was told they would greet me at the door for drop off or come out my car. Liz not only greeted me but had a n95 mask and gloves. I dropped my aides in a plastic cup and was told she would contact me. That afternoon my aid was ready! Talk about quick turn around.

— Ron G.

Dr. Sapodin, Dr. Hoffmann and the entire staff at Advanced are really incredible. They make me feel like I am part of a family, they listen to my concerns, address my needs, they are professional and kind. And thanks to them, I now have my hearing back. Once I was fitted with and wearing my hearing aids and hearing again, I was literally crying. I lost hearing on one side due to the removal of a tumor. The other side was weak. The team at advanced fitted me with the correct hearing aids and I can now hear again. Thanks everyone.

— Dan M.

Everyone was very professional, and the doctor was fantastic, extremely helpful, explained everything, and very nice. Highly recommended.

— Norma V.

My entire experience with Dr. Randon and the staff at AHC was a pleasure. Dr. Randon was thorough and informative regarding my hearing issues. She diagnosed my problem and referred me to an ENT. I would highly recommend the AHC.

— Steven R.

This was my first experience with hearing aids and the staff here were awesome. My complaint was tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Dr. Sapodin performed a comprehensive exam including a questionnaire to evaluate how much distress the condition was causing. After an evaluation, she recommended a high-tech hearing aid that would trick my brain into stop making that noise (yes please!). She gave me one to try out -- and it was like magic. It took a day or two for my own device to arrive, and on the second visit, the unit was fine tuned to my condition and linked to my phone so I can make my own adjustments. I could not be happier with the results. I didn't think there was any way to get relief from this maddening squealing -- but there is! THANK YOU ADVANCED HEARING CENTER!

— Frank I.

How can someone express appreciation for outstanding health care services without sounding repetitive or redundant? Well, here goes. The Advanced Hearing Center is outstanding in addressing the needs of hearing impaired people like myself. Sensitive, caring, and responsive to my concern about wearing hearing aids, I can simply say that the Advanced Hearing Center allayed all of the trepidations and now I’m hearing better than ever with Bluetooth!

— B.L.

Patient Testimonials

Please take a moment to watch the patient testimonials below to see how we've transformed many lives through improved hearing.

I've been with Dr. Amy 25 years. She is very supportive and its very comfortable here. I feel like I'm at home.

— Barbara

The Advanced Hearing Center is very accommodating. Any time I have a problem, they help me out. I am really pleased.

— Betty

About a month after getting new hearing aids, they seemed to stop working. I came in and visited with Amy. She examined me and gave me new hearing aids. I'm hearing like a new person! I really recommend the hearing aids and the service here is excellent!

— Irving

I can't speak highly enough of the ladies who served me. The hearing aids are fantastic! They take you from a world of being in a void to joining the community once again.

— Marilyn

I was having trouble hearing my daughter speak to me and then I found Advanced Hearing Center. I've got these new hearing aids and they're just phenomenal! They've increased my ability to hear, and my lifestyle, and I highly recommend Advanced Hearing Center.

— Rich

Dr. Sapodin helped me achieve a wonderful fit for my hearing aids and I am very grateful for that. I had a problem with my hearing aids previous to coming to Dr. Sapodin. I've had about four types of hearing aids and I was never as satisfied as I am now.

— Patient

Hearing aids have changed my life. I was having problems at work, missing out on a lot of conversation. In terms of service and support, there hasn't been a time the people at Advanced Hearing haven't gone out of their way to accommodate me.

— David

I've been a patient of Advanced Hearing Center for a few years now and I must say, it's the best thing I've ever done. Since I got my hearing aids, a whole world opened up to me that I can't believe.

— Mae

I was hesitant about wearing a hearing aid, but I almost had an accident and that really scared me. I came in to see Amy, and now I'm wearing hearing aids. I can hear and am able to sit and have a discussion, which means a lot.

— Nancy

I have been a patient of Amy's for quite some time. She suggested I try the Lyric and I've been wearing it for quite a few years. It has improved my quality of life.

— Patient

I came in about two years ago with a hearing loss issue and bought Widex hearing aids. They have been wonderful and changed my life. My grandkids tell me I don't say, "What", all the time anymore. I'm so happy I came here!

— Stuart

I started a new job and I couldn't hear my co-workers, so I came to Advanced Hearing Center. They helped me pick out hearing aids to fit my lifestyle. Everyone is so friendly and accommodates my lifestyle.

— Patient

Suddenly I find that if I don't wear them somehow I manage to miss most of the things and I can’t hear properly what they say on television. Men’s voices are very clear, women’s voices get lost in the shuffle and I find that I depend on them really for existence.

— Patient

What Patients Say About Us
The exam provided was through and professional. My husband was fit for hearing aids that gave him relief from the frustration that hearing loss causes. - Adrienne D.
The reviews listed are from actual patients of Advanced Hearing Center. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.
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