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Experience Comprehensive Hearing Tests at The Advanced Hearing Center in Manhattan, NY 

At The Advanced Hearing Center, we are dedicated to providing top-notch hearing care that begins with an accurate diagnosis of your hearing needs. If you're searching for a "hearing test in Manhattan, NY," our facilities offer the most thorough approach to understanding and improving your hearing. 

What Sets Our Hearing Tests Apart? 

Unlike standard hearing tests that simply measure your ability to hear various volumes and pitches, our hearing tests in Manhattan delve deeper into your hearing capabilities. A typical hearing test might ask you to respond to sounds at different levels, but this method only scratches the surface of your auditory health. 

Advanced Hearing Screening 

Our unique Advanced Hearing Screening goes beyond traditional methods by not only assessing what you hear but also how and why you hear in that particular way. This comprehensive approach ensures that we tailor our treatment strategies to your specific needs, leading to better, more personalized hearing solutions. 

What to Expect During Your Hearing Test? 

When you visit The Advanced Hearing Center for a hearing test, our expert audiologists will perform a series of diagnostic tests including: 

  • Pure Tone Testing: Identifies the quietest tones you can hear at various frequencies. 
  • Bone Conduction Testing: Helps determine your ability to hear sounds transmitted through bone vibrations. 
  • Video Otoscopy: Allows for a detailed view of your ear canal and eardrum. 
  • Real-Ear Speech Measurement: Assesses how well you hear and understand speech in a real-world setting. 
  • Computerized Hearing Aid Analysis: Evaluates how effective potential hearing aids will be for your specific conditions. 

Ready to Hear Better? 

Schedule your comprehensive hearing test at The Advanced Hearing Center in Manhattan today and take the first step towards clearer, more effective hearing solutions. You can call us or visit our website to book your appointment and experience the difference of a truly comprehensive hearing assessment. 

What Patients Say About Us
I have been a patient of Dr. Sapodin for over 30 years and have always been impressed by her professionalism. - Michelle E.
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What to Expect on Your First Visit
  • Explanation of Our Process
  • Determine Your Needs
  • Review Your Results
  • Cognitive Screening
  • Free Copy of, Stop Hiding in Isolation
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