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Telephone & Other Assistive Devices

Reconnect With the Sounds Around You

When you have hearing loss, every part of your daily life is affected. Everything from watching television to talking on the phone becomes frustrating and difficult when you can't hear well. At The Advanced Hearing Center, we understand the impact hearing loss has on your life. That's why we provide you with comprehensive hearing care that includes various hearing assistive devices in the Floral Park, NY, area. We strive to help you reconnect with the sounds around you so you can enjoy daily life.

What’s an Assistive Listening Device (ALD)?

Assistive listening devices provide hearing clarity in both private and public settings. We offer devices that help you hear more clearly in personal or group conversations, theaters, public venues, and similar environments. Our devices are useable with and without hearing aids, and some can even be used in place of hearing aids.

We proudly offer the following advanced ALDs:

  • Devices for hearing television and music.
  • Specialized alarm clocks and systems.
  • Personal FM systems.
  • Many other special-purpose products for people with or without hearing impairment.
  • Amplified phones and ringers.

CaptionCall Phones

Talking on the phone is challenging for those with hearing loss. That's why we're happy to offer CaptionCall phones to help make this process easier. A CaptionCall phone transcribes your conversations in real-time while you are speaking and is free to anyone who has been certified as hard of hearing. This device offers many features to keep you well-connected, including:

  • Large screen – Clearly transcribed text for calls and voicemail messages.
  • Easily adjustable volume settings.
  • Hearing loop connection – Directly streams conversations to telecoil-equipped hearing aids.
  • Visual ringer – The screen flashes when the phone rings.
  • Plus many more!

At The Advanced Hearing Center, we're proud to be a certified distributor of CaptionCall phones. For those without a landline, we can provide an X-Link that will allow you to pair your cell phone to the CaptionCall phone, via BlueTooth connectivity, at no cost. Call us today to schedule your hearing test and to see if you qualify for a free CaptionCall phone.

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