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Restoring Hearing Clarity

NeuroTechnology™ Connects You With the Sounds Around You

At The Advanced Hearing Center, our goal is for you to enjoy clear hearing and improved brain function for life. We are committed to offering you the most advanced treatment options using the latest technology. That’s why our hearing aid treatment in the Floral Park, NY, area includes cutting-edge NeuroTechnology™ for true hearing clarity.

What Are NeuroTechnology Hearing Aids in NYC?

While traditional hearing aids just make sounds louder, today's advanced hearing aids are designed to help you hear clearly and naturally in all listening environments. Our NeuroTechnologyhearing devices treat hearing loss by using complex stimulation patterns to help replace diminished auditory input to the brain.

NeuroTechnology hearing aids offer the following features:

  • Enhanced Clarity – to help fill in the missing speech details.
  • Noise-Cancellation Features – to help filter speech in noisy environments.
  • Soft-Speech Booster – to help you hear people who speak softly.
  • Surround Sound Features - for a boosted hearing experience.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to Your Smart Devices - connect your hearing devices to your smartphone or tv.

How Do NeuroTechnology Hearing Aids Work?

We offer several types of NeuroTechnology™, each custom designed and programmed for your unique needs. Ultimately, they all function to help you hear more clearly and naturally.

We hear with our BRAINS, not with our ears. Today’s NeuroTechnology™ is the only proven hearing loss treatment option that focuses on enhancing brain function by providing enhanced clarity surround sound with background noise canceling features.

Hearing aids with NeuroTechnology™ can be used to rehabilitate all levels of hearing loss, from mild to profound.

What Are the Different Types of NeuroTechnology Hearing Aids?

Today's NeuroTechnology devices come in several shapes and sizes, including invisible options for maximum discretion. During your hearing screening, we will review your treatment options based on your specific hearing loss and hearing needs. Regardless of which treatment option is right for you, you will have improved hearing in any listening environment with today’s hearing loss technology.

Watch Neuroscientist Dr. Darrow’s Video Below About the Benefits of NeuroTechnology

Available Features

Invisible Hearing Aid Treatment Options

For many people with hearing loss, discretion is a top priority. Our hearing aids offer advanced technology and the following features:

  • A custom, invisible fit.
  • Hearing aids fit deep inside your ear canal and are personally customized to you for all-day comfort.
  • Easily adapt to new sounds with automatic volume control and adaptation to listening environment.
  • Wireless streaming to your smartphone and/or to keep you connected to your TV, music and other media.
  • Sound comfort technology designed to provide distortion-free listening comfort for loud sounds while ensuring the ultimate hearing experience.

Mini ‘Receiver in the Ear’ Options

Advanced NeuroTechnology™ allows you to differentiate between speech and background noise. Additionally, it has been proven to support brain function, including working memory, selective attention, and processing speed (The Hearing Review: Dr. Desjardin, University of Texas, El Paso). NeuroTechnology™ devices boast three main features that are specifically designed to help you hear clearly in all different listening environments:

  • Clear Hearing In Background Noise - By separating important speech from background noise by as much as 10dB, this innovative technology provides 30% better speech understanding and clarity in noise.
  • Enhanced Clarity = Enhanced Memory Recall - Hearing loss causes reduced memory recall because the brain is deprived of a clear signal. With 20% more capacity to remember, this technology is the only available option proven to increase memory recall.
  • Reduced Effort - Many patients explain that hearing requires effort as they age, and that it can make them tired after a day at work or with the grandchildren. Current available technology is proven to provide a 20% reduction in listening effort in noisy environments.

Bluetooth & Internet-Compatibility

We have some options that offer Bluetooth and internet compatibility that enable:

  • Hands-free wireless (surround sound) hearing on the phone.
  • Low-Battery reminders – Your devices can remind you by ear, phone, text or email that your batteries (or your spouse’s batteries) are low.
  • Wireless compatibility with any TV enhances the clarity of the signal.
  • Control of your Internet-connected devices at home, including the thermostat, lights, and even certain cooking appliances.

*Source: Johns Hopkins Study, 2011, Dr. Frank Lin, M.D., Ph.D

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