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Hearing Protection Devices

Protect & Preserve Your Healthy Hearing

At The Advanced Hearing Center, we're committed to providing comprehensive hearing care to all our patients. Part of healthy hearing includes protecting and preserving your hearing in all listening environments. Our hearing protection devices in the Floral Park, NY, area, can maintain your ability to hear clearly in noisy environments without further damaging your ability to hear.

Hear Clearly in All Listening Environments

The best way to preserve your hearing is to take steps to prevent hearing loss. Avoiding loud noises as much as possible is crucial. Ways to do this include wearing earplugs or earmuffs in loud environments and limiting your use of headphones. However, this can be difficult for those who have a hearing impairment.

Our advanced hearing protection devices work to protect your hearing in all environments. Whether you spend time outdoors, work in construction, or on the factory floor, our devices help preserve and protect your healthy hearing.

Who Can Benefit From Our Hearing Instruments?

Our hearing protection devices can benefit anyone who spends time in noisy environments, especially when clear hearing can reduce your chance of injury, particularly in the following professions and activities:

  • Hunters & Shooters
  • Industrial Workers
  • Military & Police Officers

Types of Hearing Protection Devices Offered at The Advanced Hearing Center

We proudly offer the following types of hearing protection devices:

Ear Plugs

Custom-fit ear plugs are the first line of defense in protecting your hearing from the noisy world in which we live. Many occupations, such as factory and construction work, expose workers to dangerous levels of noise for extended periods of time. Sports fans who attend live games in stadiums and concertgoers can also be exposed to damaging levels of noise. 

Whether you are exposed to excessive noise professionally or personally, protect your hearing with custom ear protection.

Musician Earplugs

Unlike generic foam or silicon plugs which can distort sound, musicians need to hear sound fully.  Custom-made musician ear plugs provide frequency-balanced sound reduction to ensure high fidelity while still providing the protection needed.  

Musician Monitors

In-ear monitors are commonly used by musicians who perform for large audiences in large venues. In this setting, musicians struggle to hear the sounds on stage, with competing sounds of both the venue’s amplification systems and crowd noise. Custom-molded in-ear monitors provide the same protection as musician earplugs and stream their live sound to their ears at a tolerable volume to keep them on track with their performance.

Broadcast Monitors

Custom-made in-ear monitors are important for people who work in different aspects of the media. Whether you’re a journalist on the frontline of a combat zone or a reporter courtside at an NBA game, these monitors protect your ears from the level of sound experienced while in the thick of the action and also feed you the sounds necessary to do your job without all the background noise.

Now Offering SoundGear Phantom

We are pleased to offer SoundGear Phantom, the world’s first custom, Bluetooth®-compatible, rechargeable hearing aid and hearing protection device in one. Phantom provides the most advanced Noise Reduction technology available today. Suitable for normal to moderate hearing loss, Phantom offers ample protection from hazardous noises while also providing clearer hearing.

Other features of this groundbreaking device include:

  • Apple® and Android™ connectivity
  • Pre-programmed for four different listening environments
  • Omnidirectional microphones receive signals from all directions
  • Advantage Wind Noise Management to reduce the negative impact of wind noise while outdoors
  • Automatic on/off with power save
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller to eliminate varying acoustic feedback
  • Volume control wheel
  • Hear Clear Wax Protection System
  • Surface™ Nanoshield to repel moisture and ear wax
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with custom charger
  • 23-hour battery life including four hours of streaming
  • SoundGear zipper case with carabiner clip for safekeeping
  • Effective for those who enjoy hunting and shooting for sport

There’s more to love about the SoundGear Phantom, so contact one of our friendly offices today to learn more and see if the Phantom is right for your hearing needs.

Learn More About Our Hearing Protection Devices in the Floral Park, NY, Area

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