Take Advantage of the Latest Widex Hearing Aid Technology


Only UNIQUE can reduce unwanted soft sounds while maintaining useful soft sounds (including quiet speech). When you’re outdoors, UNIQUE technology will significantly reduce wind noise, no matter what the conditions. You’re going to love this impressive hearing aid!


WIDEX DREAM allows more sound in than any other hearing aid. Thanks to this contemporary model, you will hear the world around you like never before! This true-to-life technology allows for unmatched comfort and performance. Even in noisy environments, such as parties, sporting events or the movie theatre, you will be able to remain comfortable while hearing everything.


Despite the small-size design of the SUPER, you receive a highly-powerful hearing aid. This model focuses on audibility. In the end, you access sounds that you may have never heard before

Widex Hearing Aid Accessories

With the DEX assistive listening devices from Widex, it becomes easy for you to communicate with your:

• Phone • TV • Remote Control • Other External Audio Devices

Take a look at the following section to get a better sense of the latest accessories featured by Widex. Enhance every aspect of your life when you take advantage of these contemporary products!


Widex’s range of DEX communication devices give you access to a whole world of sound. Whether it is music, phone calls, TV shows, or remote controls, there is a DEX solution to suit your precise needs.


PHONE-DEX is a cordless phone that streams sound directly into your hearing aids. The PHONE-DEX is easy to grasp and can be used as a standard phone as well.


The all new UNI-DEX is quite simple to use. All you have to do is plug the mini-jack cable into your mobile phone or audio device, hang the UNI-DEX around your neck, and you’re set to go.


With the TV-DEX you will enjoy the distortion-free wireless transmission of TV sound directly to your hearing aids.


RC-DEX is designed for basic wireless remote control of the hearing aids.


T-DEX gives you easy connection with mobile phones. For use with all Widex hearing aids with a telecoil.


FM+DEX converts signals from an FM receiver, telecoil or line in and streams them to the Widex wireless hearing aids.