Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak hearing aids have been around for many, many years. Some of the technology they have developed has had an incredible impact on the field of ear health. As such, they have numerous products and solutions for individuals afflicted with hearing loss. Below are just a few of the products that our hearing aid specialist provides:


Phonak Exelia - Behind the EarExélia Art – The new premium product family raises the industry-benchmark once again. Exélia Art redefines excellence in terms of hearing performance, connectivity and choice. Exélia Art features SoundRecover, which restores high frequency hearing, DuoPhone, a peerless telephone solution, ZoomControl with DirectTouch, and more.

Audeo ZIP – One of Phonak’s most popular designs, it is also one of the smallest. It is designed to fit into the ear in such a way as to be practically invisible. Its InstantFit shape allows for it to immediately fit into approximately 87% of ears without any adjustment. You can almost bet that if you select one from our hearing aid specialist that it will fit your ear perfectly.

Phonak Certena - In the CanalCertena Art – The Certena Art product family comes in fifteen styles, ranging from the discreet completely-in-canal types (CIC) to the more comfortable but more visible behind the ear designs (BTE). The fitting range for this type covers mild and severe hearing loss equally well, so this is a very versatile platform.

As stated, Phonak has many, many more products that you may be interested in. Speak with an audiology doctor at AHC to learn more about Phonak hearing systems. Or, visit their website.

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